Week One Recap (May 17, 2009)

Apologies for the delay with a recap on The Do-Over Opener, but it’s safe to say as we turned 1 year older, we needed an extra week to recover and regain our thoughts.  After 6 months of hibernation, it was great to be with our friends, old & new as we welcomed in the new season by getting done-over with some of our favorite DJ’s.  BIG THANKS to Sabo, Cosmo Baker, Mike B and Numark. This is our first season with the new bar, extra space and full alcohol so if our 5 Year Anniversary was any indication, this summer is going to be a wild one so buckle up and hold on tight kids as we have some serious surprises in-store this summer!  Whatcha’ Wanna Do? Do-Over!

“Do-Over – Best party in the country? Maybe… Also, your man DJ Numark? Lord have mercy. He’s a fucking BEAST” – COSMO BAKER

“Way too much fun tonight!!  Do Over is a true party.” NUMARK

DOWNLOAD: (thee) Mike B vs. Cosmo Baker (zshare):

Mike B vs. Cosmo Baker – The Do-Over 5.17.09 (video)

DOWNLOAD: DJ Numark (zshare):

3 thoughts on “Week One Recap (May 17, 2009)

  1. do over you are the love of my life, we so go together like white on rice. cant wait for this wkend and the next weekends to come.

    if you dont know now ya do(over).

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