Week Fourteen Recap (August 16, 2009)

This past Sunday at The Do-Over was full of so many surprises it was like Christmas in the middle of the Summertime.  Santa’s little helpers Danny Holloway and Bullion (UK) set the early vibes of the day with a blend of boogie, reggae and soul among other sounds.  Even Ian and Concise put some gifts under the tree filled with disco, funk, and hip hop.  As the sun was about to set, the Hip Hop sleigh stopped by to drop off Nick Catchdubs, who sent the party into a dancing frenzy.  Just when we thought all the gifts had been opened, Santa’s favorite golden-nozed reign-deer, Goldenchyld, brought the bay-area love to our popular so-cal soiree. Finally, Santa brought us a projector just in time for a video deejay set from Steve1der that made our feet move and kept our eyes glued to the screen.  Who needs an iPod for Christmas when you have The Do-Over every Sunday?

What’cha Wanna Do! Do-Over!

Al Myers Pics

Al Myers Poloroids

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16 thoughts on “Week Fourteen Recap (August 16, 2009)

  1. I am not a hater, got nothing but love for the Do Over and everyone involved. BUT can we do something about the MC cause he’s kind of ruining all the sets. I don’t notice it as much when I’m there partying my ass off but while at work listening to the mixes its too much…way too much MC and not enough of just the music. I am not the only who feels this way.

  2. Yo Gabe. The recordings for you to listen to at work are just an extra perk. It’s all about enjoying the party in person. Sorry, the MC stays.

  3. Hey Gabe. If you don’t like the MC, then don’t go to the party. It will help free up a space for someone like me to get in then (and enjoys Aloe)! : )

  4. it wouldn’t be a do-over set without aloe! thank you do-over crew for posting all these sets up. love from ny!

  5. not to be biased or anything cause dude is my boy, but Goldenchyld ripped it! Y’all should inquire getting more of the (Finger)Bangerz at the Do-Over, fo reals. BAY AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Man Aloe is the ish why would you not want the M.C. The recording are a plus, they don’t have to put them on there. So Aloe stays just wouldn’t be the same without him…

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