Week Thirteen Recap (August 9, 2009)

credit: azul 213*
credit: azul 213*

It’s difficult to explain in words the levels of epic that we experienced this past Sunday at The Do-Over. Perhaps it was the smiling faces, the sweaty bodies or the sheer excitement preceeding the mystery guests (whom only Haycock, Strong and Blacc knew before opening time). Regardless, we can easily say that the energy that all experienced this day goes into the record books as the most anticipated Do-Over in our 5 years of existence, while the anticipation proved itself ultimately worthy to the challenge.

Following the usual warm-ups from Strong and Haycock, our favorite substitute host Azul stepped in and brought the levels up after too long of a hiatus from our backyard boogiedown. Next up, local hero and Do-Over fave Rareform, kept it going uphill as the place officially reached sardines. The first jaw dropping moment of the day was when our man Rich Medina stepped in the place and dropped his record bag behind the decks. His set did nothing short of amaze the people. As the bodies were locked in perma-groove following Little Ricky, we decided to redesign the Do-Over thermometer as it got even hotter. Originally we we agreed that we could state before, during or after the next guest, but something fell thru and things changed (good thing for everyone). Getting on with it, A-Trak smashed it out of the park like we knew he would, and even went on to say “Do Over was suuuuper fun, best party in LA”. Finally, lets not fail to mention one of our newest favorite DJ’s, DJ mOma from NYC doing it perfect on the late shift. Nobody wanted to leave, even though the bartender should have cut them all off around 6pm.

What’s it going to be this week? Only we know and if you arrive early, you will find out…

What’cha Wanna Do? Do-Over!


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10 thoughts on “Week Thirteen Recap (August 9, 2009)

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. After many-a-people raving about how they had the best Sunday, I finally made it out. Really though? The only word that does come close to explain my experience truly is EPIC. We showed up before Rich Medina came on, grabbed the classic sangria, and posted up dancing for the rest of the night. Everyone was jamming, singing, arms up in the are like the L.A. family we are. Just the perfect way to end my summer before heading back to NY. Goose bumps came over me just reading the blog. All I can say is Sunday, can we do it over?!!!!

    Much love to everybody that was there. We all made it happen. Classic!

  2. The zshare file link for the A-Trak set is corrupted, it only downloads the first 130KB of the 82MB file. Could you please provide a new link. Thanks in advance!

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