The New-Over Recap (January 1, 2010)

I guess it’s safe to say our New Years Resolution of taking it easy on the ole sauce just ain’t gonna work out cuz’ we are a day late and dollar short on a recap from The New-Over. Well, it’s safe to say the hangover has finally settled and just in time to bring you the first ever Valentine’s Bash aka The Do-Lover this Sunday Feb 14th (2pm-10pm). Before we get into that though, let’s try to remember what transpired on New Years Day. We remember hitting capacity around 4pm and not much more after that. Wait… the outdoor patio and bar received a nice face lift adding some extra room (or maybe that was following The Left-Over) and oh yah, our mystery guests J.Rocc, Stretch Armstrong, Rockwell & DJ Higher absolutely destroyed it.  It was one of the craziest parties all year. Wait, that’s how we kicked the year off!? Something tells us this is going to be one crazy season (Save The Date: May 16th kickoff).

DOWNLOAD: DJ Hier @ The New-Over – download

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22 thoughts on “The New-Over Recap (January 1, 2010)

  1. christ all mighty….wtf is taking so long with these sets? How are the sets from the following do over up, yet these with some really quality DJs, still not available. CMON DO OVER!!!

  2. Yeah….this is gettin a tad ridiculous. I mean, i know it’s free n all,thus a priveledge, not a right. And free music is always a plus, but i guarantee the Miami sets go up before the Stretch n J. Rocc sets. I probably wouldn’t even care so much….but live downloadable Stretch Armstrong live sets are so few n far between, that i really hate waiting so fuggin long. Cmon Do Over….stop teasin. BTW, the Adam 12 Do Lover set was nice, and definitely different. Check his blog for alot of sets from Afex….with some legendary DJs throwin down with him. Very dope concept he’s got goin on with his parties over there. Wish i lived on the west coast. Miss out on so much dope shit.

  3. We appreciate the activity folks. The sets have been edited and we are just waiting on DJs approvals. Soon come!

  4. doo doo doo…dahh dahh dahh. Geez…still nothin. This post has more responses then just about any other blog post here ever. Hopefully soon….the suspense is killin me….ya dig?

  5. I love going to the Do-over, just one question though, Why did you get all F*cking Hollywood w/ the line for the New-Over? really dissapointed, didnt expect that type shit from you guys

  6. Marky Mark (no funky bunch)

    please tell me, after all this time waiting and anticipating, that the REEEEEEALY dope sets we were all waiting on are still going up. Nothing against DJ Heir….but cmon. We need the meat. Not just the potatoes. No homo.

  7. @HipHop4Real Whats your suggestions? Should we knock down the door so 80% dudes can roll in and kill the party entirely? That sounds pretty smart. We cant stop evolution folks.

  8. Please read out previous comment regarding the sets:

    “…we are just waiting on DJs approvals”

    We don’t share DJ sets without the DJ’s approving. That is all. You all can hit up Stretch and J.Rocc and demand they approve and we wish you luck with that.

    Regardless, we give out the sets to all for free / no charge. We don’t have a huge budget to pay the DJ’s a huge amount, so it’s up to them. They might go up… they might not.

    What’cha Wanna Do? (and don’t say download Stretch and J.Rocc sets)

  9. Sometimes the DJ’s release them later (like the AM one) but moaning about not getting a bonus & free service is stoooopid. Living in England I’m just happy to hear any of it.

    Please book DJ Riz!

  10. Marky Mark (no funky bunch)

    Yeah…i guess that makes sense. Not really, but what ya gonna do? Can’t see why a dj would be so against sharin a set they did at a party for relatively nothing. From a perfectionists standpoint, maybe they feel the set wasn’t up to par…but sheesh, its not like people are gonna critique a mix bc of one off beat blend or music selection. That’s why I love what Adam12 is doin. Posting up nearly every set from his parties. Thanks for what we are gettin tho Do Over Crew!

  11. @Do-Over Crew…I feel what your saying about dudes killing the party, that not the issue, cause I’m with that 100%. My issue was that I was there w/ my lady and two of her friends (females) in line, waiting patiently till around 5pm, after being in line @ around 2:30ish, not far off from the beginning of the line. The line wasnt even moving, your bouncers/security where just letting in the ones who kissed their ass, and it was obvious they were kissing ass, not in some sort of guest list..seriously, you guys turned away a lot of people, it wasn’t the waiting in line issue, it was the kissing ass factor…

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