Week One Recap (May 16th, 2010)

As we embark upon Year Six of The Do-Over, we realize that the old proverb “it only gets better with age” does indeed hold some truth. It has already been a milestone of a year with our first ever Do-Lover Valentines Party to our first event outside of LA with our invasion at The Winter Music Conference in Miami which was beyond crazy (“One of the real highlights of WMC”Gilles Peterson).  Each Season we somehow manage to do it bigger and better and this Summer is no exception as we have plenty of surprises in-store.  You just never know who will show up and/or where The Do-Over will show up.

Speaking of which, we kicked Do-Over 6.0 off with a first time guest and The Queen of The Beats, Miss Mary Anne Hobbs who delivered a head smacking affair of beats and dub step.  If you missed this set, you will have to seek out her radio show on BBC to get a taste as this set will never see the light of day.  The only person who could follow a set like that was none other than The Funky President himself – J.Rocc who proved once again he is one of the All-Time Greats to ever bless the decks.  We were treated to a very rare two hour set of disco, house, broken beat & uptempo madness.  And the only person who could follow a set like that and close it out was none other than bday boy (thee) Mike B rocking an all vinyl set.  From the moment Blaqstarr joined him on the opening song to the last song of the evening, Mike B had folks in a dancing frenzy.

What’cha Wanna Do? Do-Over!

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8 thoughts on “Week One Recap (May 16th, 2010)

  1. so we’re up to week 5 now. and no audio yet? wtf guys! last year, it took less then a week to get the previous weekends sets up. Cmon. Us east coasters need our fix. This is poor. Maybe hearin a set….or 15, would get us east coasters over to check out a party?

  2. NEED….MIKE B….SET….IN….MY…..LIFE. All vinyl….shiiiiiit. Please fellas.

    I think what Sim Salabim meant is….well, livin on the east coast, ya know its not really economically feesible to get over there to check out a party. Maybe some sets would be motivational to ya know, drop a few hundred just gettin to LA, and maybe hearin how dope these sets you guys describe as phenomenal, really are….would get some east coast people over there. I know you guys are packed to the limit every week, so it don’t matter if any east coasters get over there, but still…

  3. All these folks be demanding shit. Firstly, isn’t the fact that this is a free party good enough why they gotta post the “free” mix too? Secondly, I’m sure the heads demanding the audio need it because they got a gig coming up and need something to “kill” the set with. They trying to holler at some cuties on some “check out this party I rocked last week. In Jamaica…” Fuck outta here. Smiley.

  4. Hate to be greedy!! But can we get that J-Rocc set aswell? That was one of the best sets i’ve heard so far. Thanks for the free parties, Do-Over best place on earth…

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