Week Six Recap (June 20th, 2010)

Historically, Father’s Day has been our slowest day of the summer for the past five years, but that was no longer the case this past Sunday as it was a live one from sun up to sun down.  Even a few Fathers and one Grandfather joined in the fun.  Resident Jamie Strong and guest Dirty Dave took care of things for the first three hours by keeping it casual with the disco vibes.  Ninja Tune’s DJ Vadim was up next with the big beat set that got the crowd bouncing followed by one of LA’s most underrated talent’s Jeremy Sole who played possibly the tune of the season so far (brass band cover of “Another Brick In The Wall).  As day proceeded into night, things got even more lively as Mr. Choc took control of the decks and showed why he is one of the best in the biz and Baby Bam of The Jungle Brothers even joined in on some freestlye antics.  The Bladerunners proved that the Boston based DJ duo is much better at closing things out than their counterparts, The Celtics as they took us on a journey across across the coasts.

7 thoughts on “Week Six Recap (June 20th, 2010)

  1. The marching band cover was “Another One Bites The Dust” but you weren’t wrong about it being the tune of the season thus far! Just another incredible day at the Do Over…

  2. Amanda Hugghinkis

    lol @ people askin for sets to be uploaded. An upload from a quality sharing/hosting site takes about 30 min tops…and still no sets from almost 2 months ago. So to answer ur question, i highly doubt ANY sets will be uploaded any time soon. DJ Vadim…..or DJ Fisher Price My First Turntables….nothings goin up, cause Do Over likes to be a major clit teases this season, and just talk talk talk about these awesome sets, but upload NOOTHING!!!!!! lol. Thanks for the recaps tho. Atleast i get to read about the DJs that were there each week, and anticipate the sets im likely never going to hear. Bwahahahaha. Notice how a few weeks back, they stopped posting the whole “soon come” thing in the sets section below the pictures….atleast they’re being honest now.

  3. Can you please get over it now? if you’ve noticed we posted sets and are catching up. it takes time to edit the sets… the upload is the easy part. we expect to have 3 more weeks up this week. In reality, its a free party and we are all very busy people. We do our best, but we would rather not put the sets up if this is the kind of whining we get from people like you all the time.

  4. @do over… i don’t think people are reading, just looking for the loads. I’m just grateful you upload them AT ALL! Most events would insist on us going if we want to experience the sets. You doin good peeps. It’s not like other people are getting the dj sets haha. Grateful for your giving the world this event. (although a bigger spot would be better LOL, I get claustrophobic, but that’s my problem not yours.)

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