The Do-Over Portland v.1 Recap (July 25, 2010)

This past Sunday marked another milestone for Do-Over as we made our grand debut in The Pacific Northwest for The Do-ORver aka Do-Oregon and what a debut it was.  This was the first of a three part series for Portland (Aug 22nd & Sept 19th) which will feature a rotating cast of mystery guests alongside local hero’s.  For the debut, we brought with us J.Rocc and Gaslamp Killer who are not only two of our favorite DJ’s, but also best represent the overall vibe of The Do-Over alongside Portland’s finest DJ Kez.  The moment we hit the patio at Produce Row, we knew we found our home away from home.  The vibe was as good as it could possibly get right on down to our signature sangria.  Even the neighbors got in on the action as loft dwellers danced in their loft as well as on the rooftop as GLK created havoc with his beat brigade and J.Rocc took guests on a journey to The White House of The Funky President.  A very special thanks to adidas for supporting our vision and making sure the good folks of Portland got done-over.

We have even more tricks up our sleeve for Sunday August 22nd so save the date.

What’cha Wanna Do? Do-Over!

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