Week Nine Recap (July 11, 2010)

First things first… when the very mega special guest drops a tweet about playing The Do-Over before we open, it’s likely people will take notice and things will get out of hand. This was obviously the case this past Sunday so apologies to all who were stuck outside.

Moving on, it was a hot day in the backyard. Haycock “fired it up” with some freaky beats handing the wheel off to his brother from the same mother, Waldo. After 2 hours of finely crafted yacht and 80’s moods, the place was packed and buzzin. Curtis Vodka paid us a visit with some deeper nuggets which is always very welcome. Finally, after years of correspondence and missed opportunities, we were proud to have DJ Jazzy Jeff step to it. Joined by Skillz on the mic, he really crafted a nice set fitting the mood of The Do-Over perfectly. A tough act to follow, but who better to follow than DJ Revolution, who closed it out with a tremendous ride through hip hop classics.

As you may have heard, The Do Crew is on the road for the next couple of weeks BUT we will be at Cranes every Sunday with some Do-Over approved and certified fill ins. Sure we will be totally homesick and missing our LA people while cruising Puerto Rico for a week but don’t worry… things will be extra heavy at Cranes for the next two Sundays. You’ve been advised!

What’cha Wanna Do? Do-Over!

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29 thoughts on “Week Nine Recap (July 11, 2010)

  1. Thanks ever so much for uploading the sets. Any way you could use a better file host than Sendspace though??? Mediafire? Soundcloud?

  2. Thanks so very much for the Jazzy Jeff set. Glad he approved his audio treats bein posted. Hopefully Rev’s set sees the light of day….but either way, im content with Jeff’s set making it up, along with all the others. Way to keep it timely too Do Over. Major props for this one!!!

  3. I don’t think Jeff’s tweet was the root of the problem with respect to the line. Being the sixth person in line since about 4 PM to 6:45 PM until finally getting in, the root of the problem seemed to be 1) the inept security letting in all the little hipster’s that they’re cool with before all the people in line. Pretty much boils down to some velvet rope b.s. It was still dope though.

  4. @chia pet – glad you enjoyed yourself even though. 4pm on a big day isn’t the best time to get in line. It’s very limited capacity and on big days we hit that by 4pm usually. We’ve gone on and on about this and I think we should just stop apologizing for it.

  5. I can’t help feeling a little responsible for this… Just kidding. Thanks all around, my day has officially been made!

  6. Thanks for the downloads… might want to try a less spammy, faster service though. if its under 100mb try drop.io is the greatest. Zshare is ok, or megauploads too. this one was carzy on the pop ups.

    But thanks again!

  7. You should bring the Do-Over with you to Puerto Rico. Theres a place in Puerto Rico called Pal Cielo in la calle Loiza, Santuce that have a Sunday Summer Party kinda like the Do-Over u should check it out when u there. Start around 9pm.

  8. This mix by waldo is too good. We play it over and over at our shop. Cheers to him from the Windy City

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