The Boo-Over

The Boo-Over:  Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is with great sadness to announce the closing of Cranes Hollywood Tavern next week.  This Sunday’s Boo-Over will mark the last Do-Over ever at Cranes.  It’s been an amazing six years at our home away from home, filled with incredible memories so we hope you will join us one last time as we Boo it all over for a Halloween Bash to remember.  Costume Absolutely Mandatory (no ifs ands or buts)!  By no means does this mark the end of The Do-Over, in fact, quite the opposite.  In addition to our new home in 2011, we will be getting done-over in new cities, countries & continents.  The fun has just begun…. Stay DoonedWhatchawannado?

24 thoughts on “The Boo-Over

  1. I hope the new venue is bigger, was never a fan of standing in that line watching VIP hoes go in hours before me.

  2. since Do Over will be traveling to different cities I hope you stop by the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ)… that would bring a smile to my heart :)

  3. Agreed with ms_snax-PHOENIX Do Zona. Made the L.A. trips several times to Do Over, and now this “The Recap” shit pops up in Phx??? Wow.

  4. Hey Guys i just wanted to see if you were going to post anything up from the “Boo Over” I live in Massachusetts so i dont really get to go overy sunday like most people but the updates of photos, videos and sets puts me like i was there every step of the way.. Keep up the good work hope to make it out one sunday.

  5. Yo!
    Come to Sandwiches, Wellington , N.Z.
    Just hop that damn Pacific why don’t you!!!!

    Whatchawannado? Eat Sandwiches!!!!

  6. If any city’s deserving of a Do-Over session, it’s Pittsburgh. I don’t even need to hype my town up, just ask anyone that’s played out here (Dam Funk, Aloe, Erik Rico, Orgone, Waldo, etc.) and hear it from them how dope it is. Let’s make it happen in 2011. I know the perfect spot. Peace.

  7. I just realized that I left out House Shoes in my previous post. He’s played out here numerous times and we got mad love for him. My apologies.

  8. we gonna get any audio from….i dunno….say the last couple of months??? Would be pretty swell fellas. Need my audio fix…as ive had since september to catch up on some of the opener sets i never got around 2 previously.

  9. We are working on outputting unreleased past audio. we should have some stuff up in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps we can offer it as a nice holiday gift for all.

  10. Sounds great. Hopefully u guys can stick to it, and get sum fresh audio treats up 4 those of us not living in the So Cal area. Thanks in advance fellas!!!

  11. Do-Over Crew
    November 30, 2010 | 10:51 AM

    We are working on outputting unreleased past audio. we should Holhave some stuff up in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps we can offer it as a nice holiday gift for all.

    ^^^^Holiday season of 2012 fellas???? Let’s get it movin fellas!! All kidding aside, some new audio treats would be incredible….

  12. fantastic. It’s rough when yer so used to gettin uploads every 10 days or so all summer…and then sumhow no more what so ever from any week forward, come sum point bout 5 months ago. I think i speak for alot of us east coast heads when i say….we need our audio fix. Alot of these phenomenal DJs play far less out here…so this is probably as close as we get 2 hear alot of em on the regular. Ya feel me? Thanks in advance guys.

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