Saturday January 1st: The New-Over 2011

Happy 2011 from all of us to all of you… We really set the bar quite high with the infamous New-Over New Years Day party this year. We can’t wait to really do this big this year and have plenty of things coming your way, wherever you may be…

Thanks to Diplo, J.Rocc, Jack Beats, Jeremy Sole, Life and b-day boy Rockwell for the amazing selections. Thanks to Mark and Johnny and all at Jane’s House. Super big thumbs up to the 1,200+ people that braved those ugly hangovers to make their January 2nd even more painful.

What’cha Wanna Do? Do-Over!!!

The New-Over
New Location. Same Hangover.

Los Angeles… It would be tough to kick off a new year properly without The New-Over. What has become one of our craziest events each year just got a whole lot crazier…

Since exiting six wonderful years at Cranes, we didn’t want to settle for just any venue. We had to have an outdoor area, we needed more space for more people and we simply wanted a new atmosphere, all while maintaining our little house party / backyard feel. After checking out multiple venues and weighing out pro’s and con’s, we’ve decided we are going to spend our ultimate hangover at Jane’s House in Hollywood (view map). Jane’s House is an amazing Victorian house hidden behind Hollywood Blvd. with multiple levels and a massive wraparound patio. So, lets give it a shot and see if it can handle a doozy.

Saturday January 1st, 2011
2pm – 10pm
21+, Free / No Cover

Open Vodka Bloody Mary Bar from 2-4pm (*while supplies last)
All of your Do-Over favorites (BBQ, Sangria) plus some new surprises.

Let’s kick off 2011 with the biggest Do-Over party to date!

presented by: adidas (site)

What’cha Wanna Do? Do-Over!


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9 thoughts on “Saturday January 1st: The New-Over 2011

  1. You mean SATURDAY, JAN. 1st not SUNDAY, JAN. 1st. Sunday is the 2nd, not the 1st. Is it on Saturday the 1st or Sunday the 2nd?

  2. Niiice!!!This is an event not to be missed.Grooving to music selected by some of the worlds best DJ’s.Hanging out w/some of the most beautiful Peeps in town.Now @ a newer& bigger venue.

  3. We haven’t sorted out table reservations at the new venue. We will announce on this blog if we do sort it out. The new venue has many many more booths / tables.

  4. Thank you.4 a wonderful time.Jane’s House is a sweet lay-back venue.Nice choice!!It was great bringing in the New Years w/some of the greatest House-heads in Town old & new.I Love You All!!! & thank you 4 the Love.

  5. To keep this quick:

    Music was still dope early on. That rare funk and soulful disco was really on point.

    Jeremy Sole’s music left a lot to be desired. I just wasn’t feeling this cat. I don’t want to feel like I’m in a Forever 21 changing room, but I did.

    Diplo was a great appearance. He’s a dope producer, but a very mediocre DJ. Can’t mix, match beats, or even select great music. His set was very conventional and expected. He needs to stop underestimating the crowd. He traveled the world and discovered great music; now’s the time to school us. Even play Mad Decent stuff; it’s dope. Don’t be afraid to promote your own shit.


    I think the promoters fucked up by moving it. The backyard boogie vibe got lost and it’s now just a daytime club (albeit still w/dope music). The feng shui of the spot was horrible. No cohesiveness, more room for the wack bandwagoners to fit in, the dark stairwell is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and all the intimacy is gone.

    The service was just as bad. The bartendars were definitely on something — the girl upstairs was acting frantic, very unpleasant, and I discovered a Stella Artois bottlecap in my drink. The bartendars downstairs were stoned of out of their minds — carrying about nonchalantly and with no sense of urgency.


    Still the place to be; but my heart bleeds as the city and scene, that I love with all my heart, continues to be commercialized and profitized. I wish these cats well, though. I guess I just miss the old Los Angeles.

    I wish this joint the best in the new year and for infinite years to come.

  6. @sonnyred
    Sorry to lag on replying to this / posting this.

    I disagree with you on some of the things you just “quickly” wrote. I thought Jeremy Sole had the best set of the day…hands down. Many would agree. However, what would I know about this kind of stuff?

    Oh, and by the way… Cranes owners changed. They have no sound permits for outdoors. That’s why it moved. Not really our choice, so it’s not fair to say that we (the promoters) “fucked up”. I like the venue we chose to do this party.

    -Haycock (The Do-Over)

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