Week Twenty Four Recap (October 25, 2009)

This past week we celebrated our final *regular* Sunday session of the 2009 season at The Do-Over. As we grow in years, the levels we hit later in the year are always a good indication of where we are headed. If the levels from this past Sunday are true to form, wowzer… we are in for some more amazing times in years to come.

From the get go, Mr. Hot Biscuit aka Travis TK Disko rocked a couple hours of daytime boogie and disco to get the people moving. Theo Parrish, one of our favorite producers / dj’s joining us exclusively for the day, followed with 3 hours of that deep and chunky Detroit beatdown sound. Scott K, in his virgin Do-Over appearance behind the wheels, did it right with some serious classics and pumpin jams. Finally, Thee Mike B, who has become a pro at rockin’ The Do-Over crowd dropped a b-side heavy hip hop set (the first ever Do-Over rotary mixed hip hop set).

Okay folks… this brings us to this Sunday’s annual Boo-Over costume jam. Yes, we understand its the day after Halloween, and yes, it is costume mandatory. Are you planning to come without a costume? Well, plan something else. We have years of stories of folks who thought they were too cool to rock a costume, yet not too cool to stand outside on the street and wish they were inside. We open at 4pm this Sunday and ride til 10pm or so. Early arrival is encouraged as it will get heavy. Big big big guests this week too, so What’cha Wanna Do?

DOWNLOAD: Theo Parrish –
http://www.zshare.net/audio/67970011034f934e/ (part 1)
http://www.zshare.net/audio/67547285210fca02/ (part 2)


DOWNLOAD: Travis “TK Disko” –

DOWNLOAD: Thee Mike B –

2008: Week Eleven Recap

(Recap of Sunday July 27, 2008)

Theo Parrish
Theo Parrish

This past Sunday was one for the history books as we are still recovering from the Detroit Invasion of Theo Parrish & DJ Dez (Andres, Slum Village) as we celebrated House Shoes 33 1/3 Bday. This wasn’t just a legendary day for the Do-Over, but for LA. C’mon, Theo Parrish in LA, let alone at The Do-Over!? Those aftershocks were not from the earthquake, but from Theo’s presence. It was a heavy day indeed as 33 1/3 LPs were regulated to the decks to keep on par with the theme of the day. Two of our favorite and most versatile local selectors, Ian & Jun, heated things up on the dancefloor with an assortment of boogie, disco, & house making the way for the ‘Bday’ bwoy himself House Shoes as The Detroit Crew took over for the remainder of the day. Who knows what is in the water in The D, but Shoes, DJ Dez, & Theo Parrish put on a clinic for everyone. In true Detroit fashion, they took it deep & dirty.

Now it’s that time of the year where we are blessed with Peanut Butter Wolf’s presence on his annual tour of his favorite spots in LA. Last year, he kicked things off on his 777 Tour at LA with an amazing set, but this time around, he is going to take things up a notch with an all audio/visual set of house music videos. You might be asking yourself, where in the world are they gonna show videos at The Do-Over??? In true Do-Over form, some things are better left a mystery for you to experience, but trust us, you won’t want to miss out… Same goes for the additional guests on the bill! EARLY ARRIVAL is highly recommended for Sunday. Get in to fit in.